About Company

The leading online community serving women’s health, hygiene, and beauty.

We believe women deserve a safe place to share their healthcare and lifestyle stories, connect with peers, and together find solutions. Talking to consumers about their health or their lifestyle requires a legitimacy that corporations struggle to have because of resources or regulations. As a non-profit association, P&W simply provides a voice platform for the women’s health community, helping millions of female patients put a name to their symptoms, discuss hygiene and beauty topics, and drive them to solutions and services.

We are customer & patient centric

What we do is about consumers and patients, helping them to have a better quality of life and educate them on key issues. We believe in the power of the web to gather people around sensitive subjects and erase any stigma attached to them.

We are ethical

We are a global, swiss based non-profit association, that raises money for its own platform and for the organisation of campaigns and events around women’s health, hygiene, and beauty. We are organised around a manifesto written by the founders of the association and (we?) regulate our own conduit.


Team Member


Chiara Ugozzoli